Hey Amos!

Will’s Christmas, 2013, Round 2

We've had a few more Christmas celebrations since the last post, Will's Christmas, 2013, so we wanted to share more photos:

Will coming downstairs on Christmas morning.

Will opening a gift on Christmas morning.

Grandpa and Will hugging.

Will under the dining room table, playing with a new toy truck.

Will and Sharon (who's 8.5 months pregnant here; doesn't she look amazing?)

Sharon, looking beautiful and very pregnant!

Eva, Me, and Will.

Kennedy, Alexis, Eva, and Will watching a Pixar movie after the hustle and bustle of Christmas dinner.

Will, Omyris, and Kennedy watching Nana and Papa's train.

Will in Uncle Vinny’s arms, after a long night of Christmas celebrations.

Will admiring Nana and Papa’s train under their tree.

Will, sitting on his cousin Kennedy’s lap.

Nana and Papa’s Christmas tree.