Hey Amos!

Will’s Birth and First Week

Please welcome William Joshua Amos to the world! Will was born on Saturday, November 26th, 2011 at 1:50am, at Beverly Hospital. At birth he weighed 9 pounds 10 ounces, and he was 23¼ inches long.

Sharon's labor began around 3:00am the day before and by 1:30pm her contractions were close enough together to know that it was time for us to head to the hospital. Sharon courageously labored through the afternoon, evening, and late into the night until, at 1:50am, Will was born!

As I write this, it's been almost two weeks since he was born and Sharon and I are so grateful to have him in our life. We've gone from being a couple to being a family. He's healthy, he's happy (90% of the time), and life is just grand so far. Sleep has definitely been interesting—it's certainly a huge adjustment for us, but we're adjusting to it well enough.

Enough words, lets get to the photographs! Below are photos from moments after his birth, all the way through to the end of his first week.

Moments after Will was born we took our very first family photo.

Here, Will takes a few moments to ponder just what happened during the last 30 minutes.

Later in the day—November 26th, early in the afternoon—Will looks at his mother for the first time. I'm sure he recognized her voice, albeit far less muffled now.

A big yawn from the big boy! We were told by most of the hospital staff just how big he was at birth; long limbs, long fingers, big head, etc.

It's me, dad! I'm not tired at all… *snore*

Here's Grandma—Sharon's mom, Ellen—with Will.

And here's Grandpa—Sharon's dad, Karl—with Will.

Here's Nanna—my mom, Kris—with Will.

And here's Papa—my dad, Paul—with Will.

My sister, Beth, and her daughter, Kennedy, get to meet Will.

A few days later and it's already time to go home! This first ride in the car made me realize just how poorly everybody else drives.

Our cat, Luna, sees Will for the first time and looks at him curiously.

Sharon is the best at swaddling, and here's proof.

Here are the three of us in our first family photo outside of the hospital.

Here's Will expressing his great satisfaction with the car seat shortly before we go on our first road trip … to run an errand.

Will, looking quite alert after a great nap, on my lap.

Here's a sample photo from a larger set taken by the family pro-photographer, Uncle Karlos.

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