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We’ve Moved! (a while ago)

Wow, it's been a really long time since our last post, but I promise that we are back in action with lots of new stories and pictures to share! One of the two biggest things that has happened to us in the past six months is the purchase of our first home. After seeing what seemed like hundreds of houses that had everything except for just one of our must-haves (think mansions with no yard/driveway, houses in a great area with one bedroom or the best house ever in terrible neighborhood), we found THE ONE. 

Although Marc might say differently, it was love at first sight for me. I literally got the feeling (not unlike the feeling of meeting Marc for the first time!) that this could really be it. Our new house is a colonial built in 1920. It has wood moldings, french doors and a bonus finished attic. Marc also likes to tell people that he bought "a garage that came with a house." All of our must-haves are accounted for, including that crazy, big garage!

When our realtor first brought us to the house, we all agreed that there must be a catch for a house of this size and caliber to find itself within our price range. Well, I think that there were two major factors affecting the price; one is that it is on a busy, major road and the second is that the seller was from out of state and was tired of renting it from a distance. So, basically, three days after seeing the house for the first time, we had an accepted offer from the seller and less than two months later we had the keys! And yes, I know that our experience was far from the norm as far as how easy the purchase of this house was for us.

Now it's not all sunshine and roses - there are lots of drafty windows with rotting sills, back doors that don't open, insulation that was installed improperly and a possible mouse family in the basement, but when you're in love those small imperfections don't matter at all, do they?

There's so much more I could say, but I will close with this cute anecdote and some photos: Will has loved this house from the moment he stepped foot inside. Before we officially moved in we would bring him with us to do work or clean and we'd set him up with a bunch of trucks he could play with. We always referred to it as "new house." Now that we've been here for almost four full months, he recognizes when we are approaching our house while driving and yells, "HOME!" almost everytime. 

Here's our house from one side.

Our big, honkin’ garage.

Newly refinished floors.

Dining room wall collage and new buffet table.

Every house deserves fun yard accessories.

The view from our backyard.

Hope you can visit us soon!

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