Hey Amos!

Warming up to Santa

When you're only one year old, I'm guessing Santa is just a strange man with lots of white facial hair sitting in a really big chair inside the mall. It's no wonder he makes lots of children frown and cry! We didn't really know what to expect this year when we brought Will to see Santa at the North Shore Mall. A part of me was picturing Will experiencing stranger anxiety while sitting on Santa's lap. Luckily for us, he warmed up to Santa by the last photo of our session, due mostly to the lady elf who tickled his stomach with a bell toy of some sort.

Here's the progression of photos with Santa:

“Who's this guy?”

“Umm, what's going on and why are my mom and dad standing over there playing peekaboo and making all sorts of high-pitched noises?”

“Hey, did that lady elf just tickle me?”

Merry Christmas, everyone!