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The Day After Mother’s Day

You could say that last year I pretended to celebrate Mother's Day, because even though I didn't physically have a baby in my arms, I was 3 months or so pregnant with our dear William. This year, though, it was exciting to celebrate my first official Mother's Day with friends and family. I received a handful of cards, a balloon, beautiful flowers, and we even went out to eat twice with both sides of our family. 

A Mother's Day balloon and purple orchid.

Becoming a mom was something I had talked about, dreamed about, prayed about, pretended as a young girl and had wanted for a long time. It was surreal when it finally came true. Just a few months ago, Marc and I would look at each other and say something like, "are we really parents?" On the other hand, having Will in my arms sometimes makes me feel like he has always been there or makes me almost forget what life was like before he was here. Having a baby does crazy things to you!

Now that Mother's Day has passed, I've thought about it a bit and have decided to claim the day after Mother's Day as a day for me to reflect on being a mom and to set some new mom-goals for the year. What can I say, it's the teacher in me. While the words "reflect" and "goals" might sound too philosophical or too clichè, what I really mean is that I will take 5 minutes—because that's really all I can spare—to come up with a short list of things I either want to accomplish or change as a mom. Here are some items on this year's list and some mom-photos for you to enjoy.

Will at two weeks old.

Mom kissing baby Will at two weeks old.

Will at four weeks old.

My neice, Kennedy, also celebrated Mother's Day, since she is the proud mother of an itty bitty baby.

Before I'm done, I want to wish my Mom a very happy Mother's Day and thank her for being such an amazing mom and grandma! We love you!

Sharon and her Mom on Sharon's wedding day.

Grandma Ellen smiling at baby Will.

If you're a mom, I hope you felt loved, appreciated and celebrated yesterday. Every day should be Mother's Day, am-I-right? 

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