Hey Amos!

Halloween Fun

This year for Halloween I wanted Will to wear a Curious George costume (his current all-time favorite character) and for Marc to be the "man in the yellow hat." After scouring the Internet and Craigslist for a few weeks, I was able to find both costumes for a total of $20 (yay!). You might be asking what I was for Halloween. Well, I was the pregnant lady, of course! I made these fun skeleton t-shirts for Marc and I to wear to a separate party. Here are a bunch of fun photos of us in the past few weeks:

These were taken at a Family Fun Day held at the Salem Common.

Will and Mom walking through the Salem Common.

Kennedy and Will, frolicking together.

Marc and Will as The Man in the Yellow Hat and Curious George.

Marc and Will back from trick-or-treating.

Marc holding Sofie, who is dressed as the cutest ladybug ever.

Two carved pumpkins.

Will painting a pumpkin.

Getting ready to jump in a pile of leaves.

And last, Marc and I in our skeleton t-shirts.

Happy Fall!