Hey Amos!

C’mon Beta!

Many people are asking us, "Where's the baby?" Well, here's a Beta Baby update with photos of Amoses just killing time:

Today Beta Baby is 41 weeks, which is one week past his due date! Originally, we had planned a c-section deadline of—*gasp*—today because we didn't want to have another gigantic baby like we did with Will. (He really did look like a 3 month old compared to some of those other newborns.) This time, however, my doctor has told us that Beta Baby is smaller and can even wait another week to make his debut. So, that is exactly what we are doing – waiting 1 more week to see if labor will start on its own, and if it doesn't we will feel confident that we waited as long as we could to avoid a repeat c-section. And of course, we want what is best for a healthy baby and a healthy mama!

Did I mention that Will celebrated Beta Baby's due date by getting 6 stitches above his left eye? In the middle of a blizzard? (True story!) 

Will is showing off the 6 stitches he recently got.

Will is making tracks in the snow after one of the storms.

Will loves his new train set.

Will cuddles with his teddy bear.

Will enjoys some time at Mall Tots to celebrate our friend Sofie's 1st birthday.