Hey Amos!

Bedtime Routine

A little while ago, we decided to start a bedtime routine with Will, even if he was a bit young to really benefit from it. Each night we feed him, give him a bath, lotion him up, dress him in pj's, swaddle him in the Miracle Blanket (thanks, Becky!) and read him a book or three before feeding him again, or "topping off the tank," and laying him down (usually already sleeping) in the crib.

Marc often uses his man-dar (man radar) to find the most manly books he can, including Movers, a book about transportation, and Construction Zone, a book that highlights a variety of heavy machinery. What's wrong with The Runaway Bunny or Love You Forever?  :)

After we pick our favorite books, we prop Will up on pillows and lay next to him while reading. I believe that Will actually looks at each page. He makes me so proud!

Will and Marc reading a book on the bed.