Hey Amos!

Amazing Friends

Throughout the pregnancy, I've been blessed to have such great friends around; supporting me, encouraging me and genuinely listening to whatever new pregnancy issue is on my mind at any given moment. Recently, though, I've been overwhelmed with their kindness towards me in a seemingly undeserved kind of way. As my friend Katrine put it, "everyone is really excited about Baby Will, but you're still special and important, too."

When we first anounced we were pregnant and the baby bump started showing, Becky, a friend of mine, and my sister-in-law, Bethany, passed on to me many maternity outfits, including Gap jeans and shirts, a designer dress which I wore to a wedding, and many other great looking tops.

Once we found out we were having a boy, Bethany, Becky and another friend from church, Fernanda, gave us more than enough clothing, swaddle-me's, and other important items such as a nursing stool and pack & play, that we probably could have opened a small store. All of this helped us save a lot of money and use many of our extra gift cards on diapers and wipes rather than missing nursery items.

Most recently, though, I had two great experiences with friends that just made me feel so loved.

First, Sarah came over on a lazy Saturday and we purchased, chopped and prepped three amazing slow-cooker meals, which are currently being stored in the freezer ready to go. This not-so-small undertaking took us approximately three hours, but what's three hours when you're in great company, right?

A lot of prepared food in our freezer.

Second, Katrine and Erika (my old roomies!) took me out to get pedicures and dinner at Joe's American Bar and Grille, one of my favorite restuarants. Not only did they treat me to this fabulous evening, but they also did not raise an eyebrow when I ordered the Nachos Grande as my meal. I love those girls!

Red nail polish on Sharon's toes.

So, I will close by saying a very big "thank you!" to all of my amazing friends who have loved me and this unborn baby so much. I can't wait for him to meet all of his "Aunties" and his real one, of course!

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