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Three Months!

Three months in the grand scheme of a lifespan is not much at all, but when they are your first three months every new facial expression, giggle and coo is something remarkable. On February 26th, our little guy officially turned three months old.

Will at three months old!

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Bath in Grandma’s Sink

During a recent trip to Grandma and Grampy's house in Western, MA, Will got to take a bath in their kitchen sink and he loved it!

Will and Sharon

Matching Ties and Expressions

Will and Dad, wearing matching shirts and expressions.

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Tummy Time!

Will on his stomach, holding his head up.

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Happiest Baby

Will, in his stroller, with a huge smile.

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Our Boy is Growing Up!

Will passed the one month mark this past Monday and, not to sound cliche, but time really has flown by. He's doing many of the normal one-month baby things like smiling, beginning to "coo," focusing on faces/objects and picking up his head for longer periods of time. If you have not seen or met Will in person, let me tell you that this is no small baby. He has actually gained about a pound per week since our last doctor's visit. At today's one-month check-up he weighed 12 pounds, 6 ounces! We were informed that this is the average weight of a two-month old. Our boy is already topping the charts!

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Baby’s First Christmas

Having a newborn on Christmas is definitely a unique experience. First of all, you get so many more gifts and Christmas cards than you normally would. Second, everyone gives you lots of smiles, hugs and kisses, even the grumpy relatives. Third, it makes Christmas shopping a whole new experience with many difficult obstacles to overcome such as only having a one-hour window of time to do five hours of shopping or attempting to purchase all gifts at just one store so you don't have to put baby back in the car, refold the stroller, drive to a different store, park, unfold the stroller and put baby in the carriage again (you get the picture).

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Amos Family Christmas

Shortly before Christmas, we all went over to my dad's side of the family to celebrate Amos Family Christmas. We didn't get a lot of photos, sadly, but we did manage to get two great ones.

Here is Will with my cousin Brad.

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Little Man’s Photo Shoot

Our great friend Karlos, who's a magician with a camera, recently volunteered to take some professional photos of Will for use in our upcoming Christmas card / birth announcement mailings. Here are a few of our favorite photos from the huge collection he gave to us:

Baby Will in a brown bear hat.

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