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Meet Jonathan Spencer Amos

Welcome to the world, baby boy! Well, Jonathan certainly took his sweet time arriving, but we are so grateful that his birth was a successful VBAC and not a repeat csection, which we were praying and hoping for with all our might!

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C’mon Beta!

Many people are asking us, "Where's the baby?" Well, here's a Beta Baby update with photos of Amoses just killing time:

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Will’s Christmas, 2013, Round 2

We've had a few more Christmas celebrations since the last post, Will's Christmas, 2013, so we wanted to share more photos:

Will coming downstairs on Christmas morning.

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Will’s Christmas, 2013

Updated December 26, 2013: a second round of Christmas photos has been posted!

Just a couple of quick photos of Will this Christmas (2013):

Will with Santa Claus.

Will watching the train beneath our Christmas tree.

L & V (in Love)

Last night we celebrated the marriage of Vinny (Marc's brother) to his beautiful bride, Liz. To say the ceremony and reception, held at the Villa, was beautiful and lovely is a major understatement. All of the decorations, flowers, dresses and tuxes looked like they were straight out of a wedding magazine. Marc and I had a great time and I even treated my 8 1/2 month pregnant self to a much-needed new maternity dress. Here are some photos (sorry for the low-quality) of us and our relatives at the wedding.

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Halloween Fun

This year for Halloween I wanted Will to wear a Curious George costume (his current all-time favorite character) and for Marc to be the "man in the yellow hat." After scouring the Internet and Craigslist for a few weeks, I was able to find both costumes for a total of $20 (yay!). You might be asking what I was for Halloween. Well, I was the pregnant lady, of course! I made these fun skeleton t-shirts for Marc and I to wear to a separate party. Here are a bunch of fun photos of us in the past few weeks:

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We’ve Moved! (a while ago)

Wow, it's been a really long time since our last post, but I promise that we are back in action with lots of new stories and pictures to share! One of the two biggest things that has happened to us in the past six months is the purchase of our first home. After seeing what seemed like hundreds of houses that had everything except for just one of our must-haves (think mansions with no yard/driveway, houses in a great area with one bedroom or the best house ever in terrible neighborhood), we found THE ONE. 

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Warming up to Santa

When you're only one year old, I'm guessing Santa is just a strange man with lots of white facial hair sitting in a really big chair inside the mall. It's no wonder he makes lots of children frown and cry! We didn't really know what to expect this year when we brought Will to see Santa at the North Shore Mall. A part of me was picturing Will experiencing stranger anxiety while sitting on Santa's lap. Luckily for us, he warmed up to Santa by the last photo of our session, due mostly to the lady elf who tickled his stomach with a bell toy of some sort.

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Summer’s End

Summer really did fly by this year. Will had so many adventures including the beach, the pool, Six Flags, and trips to Grandma & Grandpa's, just to name a few. Now that he is nine months old, we are already discussing birthday parties - yikes! Here are a few of our memories from this summer. Now on to my favorite season of all - Fall!

Will with his buddies during a play date.

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Lady Killer (in the kindest way)

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