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Amelia LeBlanc

Our friends Scarlette and Fred recently came by to visit and they brought their baby Amelia! It was our first time meeting her, and Sharon—8 months pregnant with Will at the time—spent a little bit of time holding (adoring) her. Look at those tiny feet!

Amelia and Sharon.

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Baby Shower(s)

Because we live a couple of hours away from Sharon's family, we were able to enjoy two baby showers—one in Salem, MA and another in Springfield, MA. Here are a handful of photographs from each; the first four from Sharon's family and the second four from my family:

Stephanie, Rachel, Sharon, Kris, and Katrine.

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How Mom Told Dad

After coming home from a wonderfully nerdy presentation on Sass in Boston late Saturday night, Sharon greeted me with a small, wrapped present. I was a bit confused, because it wasn't my birthday, nor was it a holiday (that I could think of), yet here she was handing me a present.

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