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C’mon Beta!

Many people are asking us, "Where's the baby?" Well, here's a Beta Baby update with photos of Amoses just killing time:

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You Look Like You Need It…

A few weekends ago, Marc and I needed to check off some things that had been lingering on our to-do list for far too long. One of the items was to bring two of our large comforters to the laundromat so we could use their jumbo size washers and dryers. We decided to park in their parking lot, drop off the comforters and then head to a local coffee shop for lunch with baby in tow.

While Marc waited outside of the laundromat with Will in the carriage, I ran inside and shoved the first comforter into the front-loaded washer. Just as I gave it one last heave-ho, I felt and saw white flecks of powdered detergent fly into the air and land in my hair and on my face. Awesome! I quickly gave myself a few brushes with my hand, started that load and then got the second comforter in and running. When I went back outside I asked Marc if he could brush me off, because I knew there were probably more flecks lingering in my hair and on my shoulders. He helped me out and then he told me I'd have to let my hair down to give it a shake. When I had finished doing this and had put my hair back up, he told me I looked good (Remember this part!).

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How’s the Weather?

Even people who don't have babies themselves know that babies tend to cry... a lot. My sister-in-law tells our neice that this is just the baby's way of talking to us because he doesn't have words yet. This is true and a nice way of putting it when your neice is standing in your kitchen with her hands over her ears because your baby is crying—I mean, talking quite loudly. Even though Will is actually a very happy baby and doesn't cry that often or for too long of a period, there have definitely been a few moments in our short parenthood experience where we have had to remind ourselves that, yes, we have checked all of the regular causes for a meltdown (dirty diaper, hunger, wanting to be held, wanting to be put down, overtired, overstimulated, understimulated, etc.) and that Will just needed to 'talk' about his baby problems.

Baby Will is sad.

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Three Months!

Three months in the grand scheme of a lifespan is not much at all, but when they are your first three months every new facial expression, giggle and coo is something remarkable. On February 26th, our little guy officially turned three months old.

Will at three months old!

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