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The Push Present

As time has passed during this pregnancy, the topics of conversation with our doctor have changed from things like lists of foods to avoid to labor and delivery procedures. During one of our last appointments, I felt the need to voice my concerns again (for what is probably the fifth time) about possibly having to push out a ten pound baby, if this baby that I am currently baking stays on track and goes a week late. Normally, my doctor laughs and explains how women's bodies were made for this and it wouldn't be the first time a woman has given birth to a big baby. On this occasion, however, she stated, "well, that's why there's a push present." Marc and I quickly shot confused glances at each other to signify we hadn't heard of this "push present" before.

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Pre-birth Photos

Sharon and I wanted to take a bunch of photographs of the last days before Will's birth, so we went to the nearby Lynch Park on an abnormally warm November afternoon and took a lot of random shots. Here are 10 of the best ones:

Sharon and I at Lynch Park.

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Amelia LeBlanc

Our friends Scarlette and Fred recently came by to visit and they brought their baby Amelia! It was our first time meeting her, and Sharon—8 months pregnant with Will at the time—spent a little bit of time holding (adoring) her. Look at those tiny feet!

Amelia and Sharon.

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Baby Shower(s)

Because we live a couple of hours away from Sharon's family, we were able to enjoy two baby showers—one in Salem, MA and another in Springfield, MA. Here are a handful of photographs from each; the first four from Sharon's family and the second four from my family:

Stephanie, Rachel, Sharon, Kris, and Katrine.

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First Ultrasound Photo

The very first photo of our baby! We have no idea what his or her sex is, but s/he looks amazing here, and you can clearly see his/her forehead, nose, mouth, and chin. We can't wait to see him/her in real life.

The first photo of our new baby's face.

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How Mom Told Dad

After coming home from a wonderfully nerdy presentation on Sass in Boston late Saturday night, Sharon greeted me with a small, wrapped present. I was a bit confused, because it wasn't my birthday, nor was it a holiday (that I could think of), yet here she was handing me a present.

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